How the iPhone 5 really will be

First of all: absolutely great that almost every blog and every idiot has to hold a swan song for Steve Jobs! As if there aren’t any major problems. I’ve been struggling with the following problem for years:

Suppose in the cinema I have to get up and go outside during the film for some perfidious reason (cravings for half a chicken, spontaneous car purchase, desire to slaughter a rabbit … the usual things). But now I’m sitting in the middle and have to push past the other cinema-goers – but do I then turn towards the people or rather away? So the question is: ass or tail – what would you like to have on your face?

A problem of epic proportions. But if Stevissimo wants to take a longer vacation because he simply doesn’t feel like the whole patent dispute that his incestingly consulted legal department has started, everyone goes crazy. Without exception all of them. Except my mother. She prefers to make cabbage rolls, but that’s another topic.

I don’t even want to go into all that nonsense, my problems are bigger, I had just explained. I am much more happy to dance quietly and secretly around my campfire that I – ME – as the only quasi (apart from the source, but he should check his brakes in the near future, knihihihihihi) exactly knows how the new iPhone 5 will be.

So forget all the pseudo-expert blogs, forget all rumors, forget to stir the stew or put the milk in the refrigerator – because now it’s about an incredibly thin piece of technology equipped with a laser keyboard and hologram images :

Promised too much? That’s great. And guaranteed no fake !! As proof, here is Steve’s answer (almost as a last official act) to my question:

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