Many, many reasons why you should jailbreak - beautifully and convincingly

I don’t have to tell anyone anymore that I’m a big fan of jailbreaking the iPhone. For me it is just as much a part of it as the charging cable. As great and stylish as Apple may be – a few constraints are very exaggerated and to this day I still don’t understand why people don’t open up a lot to the community. But it is like it is – you can get hold of things.

It wasn’t until Friday that I installed a new package to block unsolicited calls, remove junk data and a few other little things. Theoretically, I could fill entire books here with apps and packages that more than double the value of the iPhone with the help of jailbreaking – or show you the whole thing in a short but convincing video:

Why my aunt has to stand around in her underwear at the end of the day has not yet been revealed to me. Jailbreaking is still going strong.

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