Der iPhone-Klingelton in cool

Until recently, I still had my problems with the sounds made by the iPhone. In the office in particular, this can get really annoying in the long run, especially when almost everyone is on their own. I then mostly had the iPhone on silent, sometimes without vibration. The problem with this is that you miss important things.

In the new company that’s okay now – once you’ve earned a certain standing, the phone can make noise. But then we are at the next step: the tones. Anyone who still remembers the jamba time (still exists) also knows that there are an unbelievable number of annoying tones and melodies. About a year ago I dealt intensively with it and looked for a perfectly normal business tone. You don’t believe how exhausting it was. The garbage from the music charts is a dime a dozen, but a normal ringtone – the holy grail is easier to find there. And you can forget the iPhone standard things anyway.

Probably also thought Youtuber itsMetroGnome and took the standard ringtone and pimped the thing up with a few samples:

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