The perfect app if you ever need to go to the bathroom

Do you remember the first apps in the app store? There was a whole bunch of fart sound apps. Everyone thought it was funny, but they didn’t really have a meaning or a right to exist. In the meantime you won’t find that many pointless apps anymore – I leave the judgment on this app completely up to you.

Are you one of those people who can’t do their business in the toilet when there are other people around? Doesn’t matter whether you lock yourself in? Rumor has it that you just turn on the music loudly or let the water run (i.e. that from the tap) – music is ok, but noticeable, running water is just a waste.

Did the developers of PorQueNão also think so? and without further ado we developed an app for this problem. After all, according to Apple, there is an app for everything:

Roger that? Ultimately, an artificial background noise is simply created to mask your “exertion” on the bowl. So the next time you suddenly hear shower noises from the neighboring cabin in the office toilet – don’t worry, nobody washes their hair in the toilet.

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