Think before you ink - Tattoovorschau mit der INKHUNTER-App

To be honest, I’m still in the mood for a tattoo. That or the problems, however, are: it costs a lot of money, fits only moderately to my misshapen body, is now incredibly mainstream and so far no motive has really promised me. So there are many reasons that speak against it, but at least for the latter there is a small remedy – although apphilfe would probably be the better word here (and at the same time the worst pun that you can use for it).

Because with the INKHUNTER app, thanks to a bit of VR bustle, you can conjure up a preview of your skin relatively easily and quickly, all you need is a pen. With it, you make three lines on the desired tattoo area, select the motif in the app and then hold the iPhone over it – the previously selected motif automatically appears on the display at the desired area.

We’re a small, young and ambitious team from Ukraine. We’re building inkHunter to help tattoo artists and enthusiasts visualize the exact size and placement of any design anywhere on your body. We’ve made it fun, easy and totally painless to try on as many designs as often as you like – without any regrets.

Think before you ink - tattoo preview with the INKHUNTER app | iOS and more | What's going on here anyway?

So you know in advance what it might look like – of course, you need a tattoo artist with the appropriate skills. And the necessary change. And there are many other points that lead to the fact that you are really sure about the decision.

If you would like to try the app, you will find the iOS version here and the Android version here.

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