VHS Camcorder - Die Video-App für Nostalgiker

Dear children, do you still know what a video library is? Probably not: these were stores where you could rent films – something like Netflix, only with physical media and you had to leave the house and go there, choose a film and then go back home to watch it. Much worse: if you had chosen a film from the shelves, it was quite possible that someone else had rented the film faster and had already rented the film – you had to choose something else. I know, now unimaginable, streaming services and various not entirely legal sites make this historical event unimaginable.

But what sounds really absurd and probably nobody will believe me: after you have taken all this effort (just to be able to watch a film that did not appear on linear television), you could also be punished for it. Namely when you have not rewound the video cassette. Oh, you don’t even know what a video cassette is: a plastic thing made of polystyrene, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene and other plastics, in which there is a rolled up magnetizable coated plastic tape on which the film is in turn thanks to a little magic and a lot of voodoo found. And that’s exactly what you had to rewind at the end of the film, otherwise 1 DM or 50 cents were due. It sounds like the Stone Age, but we survived it nonetheless.

Another unpleasant fact: the more often you watched a video cassette, the worse the quality of the film. I have no idea whether the tape wore out somehow or whether the magic and voodoo gradually dissolved – but the more often you watched your favorite film, the worse the picture got.

There are supposed to be people who like this nostalgic stuff. There are already numerous filters for images and, thanks to VHS camcorders, finally also for moving images. Simply install the app and you can travel back in time, leave HD and Full HD behind and spray a little nostalgia. Here are two sample videos of what it looks like:

An additional advantage: you don’t have to rewind the videos at the end. You can go directly to the app here.

But it’s kind of absurd. Have the newest cell phone, still more megapixels, and then an app that artificially degrades the video. Strange world.

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